No one, therefore, should seek to learn knowlege from me, for I know that I do not know – unless indeeed he wishes to learn that he does not know. – St. Augustine (City of God)

Now that you have the aforementioned quote in mind, please feel free to continue reading.

My writings are largely a reflection of my circuitous journey in finding my niche in community, my stride in business, and my voice in helping to shorten the learning curve for others.

Along the way, my life has been marked by the juxtaposition of interesting and sometimes seemingly contradictory things such as: the fact that most folks mistake me for a 25 year old despite being 37, married for 15 years, and the father of 3 children; the fact that I was born in South Carolina and advocate the use of the word “y’all,” but I was raised during my formative years in South Jersey (and I don’t sound like I am from either of those places); the fact that I have lived a fairly mundane and average life except for living in Japan for 4 years and traveling extensively throughout Asia and the Americas; and the fact that my heart has always been in the humanitarian world of poverty alleviation, but I served for years in the typical world of business (until ipsoCreative).

I am a lover of ideas and the challenge of business, of being a catalyst, of championing things that matter. I am a raving fan of those things that matter. I also believe that business exists as a construct of human interaction despite the prevailing notion that business autonomously exists and humanity must therefore conform to it. Edifying humans is inherently more satisfying than realizing financial profit.

I serve as one of the partners at ipsoCreative (a boutique custom web design and development firm located in Akron, OH). In terms of talent, I am vastly overshadowed by an incredible gathering of human beings who ooze talent, creativity, and artisanship. If you are interested in seeing who I am talking about visit //

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As for this blog, it is the repository of my musings on the simple common threads of humanity in the presence of the complicated and often dehumanizing world of business. Strip away the complexities of the financial, technological, and legal aspects of business and you will always find humans interacting with other humans. Those are the connections I am interested in.

The Field Guide’s posts are released every Wednesday.


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